We, at All About Children Preschool, strive to enrich the lives of young children and their families by providing a variety of opportunities for learning and exploration in a nuturing and stimulating environment. Our program is guided by family values and traditions, while celebrating childhood. Children are viewed as competent, strong, resilient and inventive individuals with the ability to learn. We support each child's social, emotional and physical development, and encourage each child's self-discovery, self-expression, creativity and growth. We base our belief and program on the mutual respect between children, parents, and teachers.

To provide a loving and nuturing environment that respects, supports, and enriches the process of growing and learning for our children, promoting creative thinking, self-discovery, self-expression, and self-respect. To offer a program that encourages developmental learning through quality activities and experiences, and honors the children, their families, and their educators.

Our curriculum is developed through years of observation and classroom interaction with the children. Age-appropriate activities are offered in arts, science, math, and small and large motor skills development. Music also is included daily to enrich our program in the forms of singing new and classic children's songs, finger play, moving to music, and the playing of classical music during planned activities and free play. The children are also provided with various learning toys and materials during academics work and play time, and encouraged to make choices of the materials they use, how they use them, the areas in which they use them and who they share them with.




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