Our Program: What We Offer


Arts and Music

Arts and music are important components of our curriculum.


Crayons, markers, colored pencils, paints, glue and a variety of arts and crafts materials are always available to the children to create art projects under the guidance of the teachers or during free play.


Children learn to sing new and classical children's songs, finger play, move to music, and listen to classical music during various activity periods of the day.



Through experiments and hands-on participation, we demonstrate and answer the how and why about the world around us -- nature study, weather, animals, the five senses. Our Theme of the Month focuses on a particular area of interest in the world of science.



Math is part of our daily activities, in both organized learning as well as free play. We use various tools and mathematical concepts through which the children learn about size, shape, matching, number recognition, sequencing, and problem solving.


Active Learning

Children learn through playful fun experiences. Guided by skillful teachers, children learn academic and social problem solving, and develop skills in working and playing together.


Daily Routine

Throughout the day, children learn to listen, focus, and follow directions. They learn etiquette, develop respect for rules, and acquire the skill to live with and among others and as a member of the community. This brings them the sense of belonging, empowerment, and safety.