I highly recommend All About Children Preschool. My daughter has learned so much this school year. She is learning to recognize her numbers and letters as well as letter sounds and is having such a fun time doing it. The teachers at All About Children are wonderful. They are creative an kind and obviously devoted tothe children and thei development. I am so glad I chose this preschool for my daughter.

Jennifer Haight

Mother of Student

My son started at All About Children when he turned three. We love the homey atmosphere, and he is learning so uch from his wonderful teacher Ms. Cami!

Cathleen Small

Mother of Student

Our son Alexander has attended All About Children Child Development Center since August 2015. All About Children provides a safe, clean and caring environment. Since that time Alex has made friends and learned many things. Alex loves going to day care and enjoys spending time with Ms. Valerie, his primary teacher, as she provides many fun and educational activities for all of her children. Ms. Valerie  brings years of experience, patience and treats every child personally. During the time in Ms. Rachelle and Ms Valerie's class Alex has learned many concepts such as: under, over, abouve, and many more. He has learned songs that he likes to sing at home and in the car. Furthermore, Alex has learned to trace and he is begining to write his name. Recently he learned about which animals migrate, hibernate and adapt during the winter. We are very grateful that All About Children provides educational aspect along with daily care.


Children receive nutritious and kid friendly meals and plenty of outdoor exercise. Throughout the year, Alex was bringing home fun and beautiful projects. We proudly display Alex's work in his bedroom and on our refrigerator. All three teachers are caring, dedicated, compassionate and loving. One day, my son declared before going down for nap: "I want you to rub my back like Ms. Cami so I can fall asleep better."

The day care center director gently admonishes children when they misbehave. They are dedicated to seeing eache child excel.


We feel very confident in the staff that runs All About Children; our older 5 year old Hannah loves to visit the daycare on teacher in-service days. We would recommend All About Children as a well rounded daycare facility with loving staff.

The Baluta Family

Parents of Student

After leaving another school because it was not a good fit for us, we tried this school due to a frined's recommendation. My daughter has attended All About Children Preschool for about one year now, and she is currently 3 years old. Ever since Miss Anna (the Director) took over the school I have noticed significant growth with the school and with my daughter. She has made the school a great environment for everyone, as well as dedicated 100% of her heart to make sure the kids are getting the best education. With Anna's lead there is more order, discipline, planning and love.


During my daughters growth she demonstrated behavioral issues and difficulty  adapting to the new environment. Anna and her staff handled her transitional difficulties professionally and made us feel cared for and vowed to help all of us through her transition. They met with us as a staff and helped to come up with a plan that worked!! For that, we will be forever grateful and loyal to this school. I love seeing the daily artwork, math and other cognative and physical growth related activaties that they are learning. I also love hearing all the new songs my daughter learns and then sings them daily for us at home. I am confidnet that my daughter will be well prepared for kindergarten both academically and socially from the work and love that Anna and her staff have put forth. 

The Merrill Family

Parents of Student

We started at All About Children after having a bad experience at another preschool. Our daughter was a year away from kindergarten, so we were nervous about changing schools at this time. She was assigned to Miss Valerie's Pre-K class, and she flourished! Miss Valerie was so patient with our daughter, and she learned so much while in her care. Miss Valerie provided the most well-balanced curriculum I have ever seen -- the kids had hands on experience with science and math and learned how to look for sight words. By the time our daughter graduated from All About Children, she was already beginning to read. The school also balances learning with plenty of play and exercise. The entire staff works together as a team to care for your child. Miss Anna, the director, is lovely as well -- she worked with our family to meet whatever needs would come up with our daughter, and was always available to chat if I had a question or suggestion. My only complaint is that I wish we had found this school sooner! Our daughter is now in her first year of kindergarten at a local Catholic school, known for a rigorous curriculum. She is prepared and doing very well thanks to her time at All About Children. We are forever grateful for the love, care and support our child received when she attended.

Christina Francis

Mother of a former student

I cannot begin to express how thankful I am to have found All About Children. My daughter has been going to this school for about 5 months now. She loves her school and has never showed any anxiety when I drop her off. She often comes home singing new songs and showing off what she has learned that day. I get daily reports on how she is doing and there are always creative activities that she did that day in her folder! I feel so comfortable with the teachers and the director, Anna. My daughter says she loves all her teachers and you can tell they are so patient and kind with all the children. My daughter has grown so much and continues to grow and develop academically and with her social skills, positive behavior and reinforcement. I am so excited for the new school year and can't wait to see what she will learn. Great job ladies!

Heather Fields

Mother of a student

I highly recommend All About Children. It has been a great experience for us. We did an extensive search for a preschool, attending preschool fairs, several open houses, online searches and multiple discussions with mommy groups before deciding. It can be a bit overwhelming since there are so many options, ranging from co-op, Montessori, religious affiliation, second languages, distance, not to mention wait lists and price ranges. All About Children is a small school with a fair price, PT to FT availability with a more traditional approach. We started our 2-year-old daughter in September part-time. Our daughter gets very excited to attend school with her teacher Miss Cami and her new school friends. Director Ms. Anna Draper and her staff provide a positive environment encouraging education, manners, hygiene, arts/crafts, play time and holiday celebration.

Bonnie Myers

Mother of a student

Thank you for taking such good care of our students and teachers. You've done a great job of turning this school around.

Danielle and Adam

Former family

You ladies mean a lot to me and Malikai. I'm very grateful for everything you do. Thank you.


Mother of a student

As a grandma, I appreciate all the hard work you do with all of the children. My deepest thanks.

Carolyn Ellis

Grandmother of a student

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